I am a comic that thinks outside the box.. after everything is gone from inside it. I was born without that filter that keeps certain thoughts inside, and most times, it pops out at the worst moments.. its going to happen, so best be prepared for whatever is about to come out.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Dr's Note

Sooo I woke up yesterday and had a shocking discovery.. I found a lump on my left gonad. Yeah,.. I was scared!

So I went to the doctors office, and after a little "examination" or as I call it "stranger touching me in the dirty place", he explained to me that it was not cancerous, or something to be worried about.

What I had was an inflamed Epididymits. I had no idea what that was.

So, he explained to me that the Epididymits is the tube that carries my sperm from my testicles, to my penis,.. to the inside of my boxer shorts....
I wondered how that got there!!

He said it comes from having some pressure, so to relieve said pressure, he said that I am going to have to relieve that pressure.. so I am going to have to masturbate,.. about three to four times a day.

I said "Umm Doc,.... can I get that in writing??"
How cool would that be to have a doctors note to masturbate!!

My Peeps....