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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I think beer commercials are pointless. Beer is so good, and people want it soooo bad, that they can pretty much put what ever they want out there to make people want their product more, that can say pretty much whatever they want. Doesn't matter, cause people will keep buying it. No gimmick needed. The gimmicks they do have are so shitty anyways, its like, really? Whats the point!

Miller Lite is "Tastes Great, less filling"... awesome, I can drink more of this, cause it wont fill me up!! Bud Lite's new one is not even a real gimmick... its a totally made up word. "Drink-ability"..... whats that even mean? "You can drink this, and hopefully live... not like windshield washer fluid.. silly Indians!"

No other companies can get away with that.... McDonalds can't be like "Buddup-bup-bup-baaaaaahhh YOU CAN EAT THIS!"

Because real companies need to put out real promises and real money back guarantees. I am pretty sure you will never hear a beer company come out with a guarantee.... but how cool would that be?
"If your not completely satisfied with your Old Milwaukee, we will bail you out of jail, get your job back and unpunch your sister in the face! Old Milwaukee... It doesn't get any better than this!"

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