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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I LOVE youtube!!

I just saw a video this morning on youtube that was utterly AWESOME!!!

If you have not seen this, you need to go home and check this out within one minute of getting in the door.

Youtube "Nickleback booed off stage".. its in Portugal!! Seeing this, gives me a new respect for the Portuguese..and their hatred.. cause they thru rocks at Nickleback. You know whats even better about this... it was an indoor venue!

AWESOME..I hate nickleback, about as much as I hate Creed.. remember that shitty band? Me either!

Lets break down what had to happen... They bought tickets...... picked up rocks and snuck them in.... waited thru an opening act.... Do you know how bad that band had to be?? You know some people were on the edge about to waste their ammo, when someone kept them in focus of the task at hand.. WAIT WE HAVE BIGGER FISH!!

Nickleback comes out and gets thru one song, and as they are firing it up for the second.. it starts raining rocks, he asked the crowd if they wanted to rock and he got ROCKED in the SKULL!!


I want to know one thing.....when is Justin Bieber going.. cause I am going to that concert armed with a rock and I am going to end it...... I am going to save the children... from the child!

My Peeps....