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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nature Shows...

I love watching nature shows... you can really learn alot from them.
There was one on Blue Whales,.. very interesting.. I did not know this, the Blue Whale mates for life.
Did not know that.
I also did not know this.. that when the male Blue Whale ejaculates, it ejaculates 400 gallons of semen... on average.

400 gallons.... However, only ten percent makes it into its mate... So if your wondering why the ocean is salty....

Also, did not know this.. for woman's facial cosmetics.... 80% of all facial cosmetics contain as little as "trace" whale semen in them...

I think that is a bit of a double standard.. cause when I ask women to put MY semen on their face,... I get told no!

I also saw one on Sea Turtles.. this was so cool... they said that when Sea Turtles mate, they mate underwater, but they still breath air... the female has to come up for air, cause if not, the male will forget and drown.

I don't know about you, but all I can think is,.. Now THAT is some good pussy right there!
I might not always hear the phone ring, but I never forget to BREATHE!!!

My Peeps....